At MHP Coaching we believe there are two critical elements to the success of the athlete.

One is how they move, are they able to recruit the right muscles to maximize the power of the movement. Coaches spend a lot of time trying to correct the way athletes execute their sport, but if the correct sequence of muscles are not firing and supporting the movement, they may not be able to do it. This can happen due to an old injury, poor biomechanics or overuse. We train our athletes in a method that finds what is limiting an athletes movement pattern and fix it. Then they are able to produce greater output with less effort and less risk of injury.

Two is their mindset. What are they wanting and why? Games can be won or lost on mental toughness. We use a method of intrinsic coaching to get down to what the athlete wants and how to direct their thought to make it a reality. We take a holistic total well-being approach because the mental edge in sports performance can be impacted from all areas of an athletes life.


• Increased performance
• Stronger motivation
• Less injury
• Less corrective surgery
• Extended careers for professional athletes.
• Improved team culture
• Bridged the gap between athletic trainers and strength coaches

MHP in Action

MHP and Greg Jennings in Sports Illustrated.
MHP and Greg Jennings on NFL UP!