In our years of helping people win we have discovered some key components that make the difference between a winning team and a losing team.

Our approach to improving mental toughness is to find out what you are wanting most and why. Many people are striving towards something often without even connecting why it matters to them. We help our clients figure out what this means and then find the intrinsic motivation to get there. The power to succeed is up to each individual, they know what matters to them, we help them use this motivation for success.

The alignment of the human body is critical for successful and efficient movement. Whether an athlete needs to explode on the field or a person suffering from chronic pain. The way the body is aligned is the key to making the difference. We have had the opportunity to work with professionals in every discipline of the sports medicine/rehab world and have formulated a system for reducing pain and avoiding injury. We know how to maximize the effectiveness of the body’s muscles to create flawless movement. This has been shown to make a huge impact in the athletic world. When your muscles are executing properly in every plane of movement, your speed, power, and reaction time are all enhanced. Furthermore the chance of an injury is significantly decreased

Athletes are human beings and humans need to feel supported in all areas of well-being to perform at their best. Do they feel comfortable in the culture of the organization? Do they feel like they are supported and understood by their team mates, coaches, and staff? Do they align with the mission of the team or organization? How is their well-being outside of the sport world? We use the Gallup Strengths Finder assessments to help the athletes learn who they are and how they think, as well as to better understand how their teammates and coaches think. We also use a total well-being assessment tool to help align all areas of an athletes’ life with what he/she cares most about. These tools are very powerful for helping create a positive and trusting environment for an athlete and team to thrive.